Haunted Places in Shoreditch

Haunted Shoreditch
As Halloween approaches, it’s time to share some local ghost stories. There’s plenty of places across town to bring thrill around. Here’s E1 Brew Crew’s picks for the most haunted places in Shoreditch and surrounding areas. 
Truman Brewery
Truman Brewery 
Probably one of the most visited places around Brick Lane, which hosts a number of events and attracts many toursits admiring street art and the 'Shoreditch cham' is also the murder site for Jack The Ripper’s second victim, Annie Chapman. Her apparition has been witnessed standing against the boardroom with a chilling breeze, according to many sources.
The exact geographical location to sources is said to be number 29, Hanbury Street E1 6QR UK, at our namesake postcode!
Watch out in the evening when you've had a few too many beers, you might just witness her there, perhaps on Halloween! 
Bethnal Green Station
Bethnal Green Station

The station was originally opened as part of the New Works Programme in 1935-40, to feature a deeper ground station with pale yellow tiling, which can still be found in the station today. It was part of the extension of Central Line, which aimed to connect East London and Essex closer to London for commuters. 
Strangely, many staff member of Bethnal Green Station have reported cries of women and children, which can be heard in the early hours of the morning in the deeper levels of the station. 

It is said that the worst civilian disaster in UK during World War 2 took place here. On 3rd of March 1943 at around 8:17 PM the air-raid Civil Defence siren sounded and many fleed their homes for shelter inside the station, triggering an overflow of people inside swiftly. 173 people, mainly consisting of women and children were asphyxiated to death as a result of falling over the steps. 60 people were taken to hospital for treatment.

A memorial is found today at the station which also the coat of arms for London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
Watch out the next time you are commuting during late hours of the anniversary of the incident. It it claimed that many ghosts appear during the anniversary of their deaths! 
The Ten Bells Pub
Ten Bells Pub
This place has even scared one of our staff members! Ten Bells Pub, situated just next to Spitalfields Market.

This pub has existed since the 18th century and was one of the prime locations for legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper’s crimes. It is rumoured that three of his 5 canonical victims, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Strode and Mary Jane Kelly were regular visitors of this pub. It is also highly likely that Jack the Ripper himself enjoyed a drink or two here.

Elizabeth Stride was thrown out of the pub on the night that she was attacked. Mary Jane Kelly was last seen leaving with a friend on the night that she was murdered. Annie Chapman was also witnessed drinking at the pub hours before she was found dead around the corner on Truman Brewery. Scary!

Some witnesses have claimed that they have seen a man in an old night gown looming around the guest rooms around premises. Later, as the current owners searched the attic, they found the belongings of a man named George Roberts , who was a landlord at the pub. The belongings also included newspaper articles which stated that he had been murdered with an axe in early 1900s, strangely, the man in the picture matched the one with the night gown! 

In early 2000s a psychic was invited to visit the pub to investigate the pub's supernatural disturbances further. There was a room on the top floor of the pub where she refused to enter, referencing that a baby had died there tragically.
Several years later, a visitor had gone up to the water tank on the roof space of the pub and noticed some cloths hanging from between the tank. These pieces of cloth were in fact mouldy victorian baby clothes with evident knife cuts and blood.

E1 Brew Co’s CRM member Kate also had a strange interaction with this pub. She was keen to inquire if the venue served food and decided to call them first. After dialling a few times with the same creepy screeching sound on the line without any response, she gave up! 
Have you visited any of these haunted places in Shoreditch or witnessed anything out of the ordinary? Share with us on our socials and enjoy a thrilling Halloween weekend!

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