The viaduct courtyard 

street-art WALLS

@ The Viaduct Shoreditch

83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch

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Formally on the walls


E1 Brew Co have our Tap room on street-art holy land.

The Viaduct courtyard is a Mecca for street art tourists who come to visit our world famous walls.

There are seven walls in the courtyard and we regularly invite street artists to come and paint five of them. 

The other two walls, top and tailing the other five, are covered in protective perspex to prevent anyone painting over the early Banksy pieces underneath.


On the outside of our venue, we have an incredible Ed Hicks Mural. 

Strip away the layers of paint though and you'd see paint from when, as legend has it, Banksy used to stencil his pieces and sell his prints out of the back of his car. 

The Viaduct Courtyard

The Viaduct Courtyard

The Viaduct Courtyard

ed hicks

Ed Hicks came down to our tap room at The Viaduct and painted the most incredibly sublime mural. Directly facing Ben Eine's SCARY, It's become a hotspot for street art enthusiasts to use as a backdrop for their photos.

A huge thanks to Ed for this awe inspiring piece!


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