Where are you shipping? 

We currently only ship to the UK but please get in-touch with help@e1brew.co.uk if you’d like us to try and find a way to get our beer to you.

Where can I contact you? 

All questions, comments (good and bad) should make their way to help@e1brew.co.uk

How long does shipping take? 

For mainland addresses we aim for 3 working days since ordering. For Highlands and Islands it can take a day extra.

Do you ship abroad? 

Not at this time.

How can I pay online? 

Paypal is the easiest way and we’ll be adding credit card checkout very soon.

Where does my information go? 

We’ve got a privacy policy on our T&C’s which can be found here.

What if I am not happy with the product? 

Please tell us if you’re not happy with any E1 Brew Co product! Send us a message at help@e1brew.co.uk and we’ll make sure we deal with any problems as quickly as possible.


What ingredients are in Beer? 

Here’s a list of the ingredients in our beers per product: 

Pilsner Lager 

CBD Lager 


How to store beer? 

Though our beer is remarkably stable and tastes great up to (and over) the date on the can/bottle, we always recommend keeping beer in a cool and dark place. This keeps it really happy and tasting super-awesome.

Recommended beer shelf life

All our cans and bottles have a printed best before date on them. We’ve tested all of them in a lab to scientifically decide how long they’re ‘best’ to drink and the boffins said 12 months for the IPA/Pilsner and 9 months for the CBD Lager.

What is CBD?

It’s the non-bonkers extract from the cannabis plant that causes so

How much CBD is in my beer? 

3mg in every can guaranteed…!!!

Is CBD good for you?

There are many people who would say ‘yes’. Legally, we can’t say it’s good for anyone but the world is full of people who use CBD on a daily basis to aid calmness and wellbeing.


What are the differences between beers? 

E1 Pilsner is our take on a classic German lager. Easy drinking, refreshing with a balanced level of hops.

E1 IPA also super-refreshing but with added hops to give it more flavour but not enough that you’ll end up writing a sonnet about it.

E1 CBD Lager is very 'pint-able' with the CBD adding a nuanced bitterness that’s really enjoyable. Deliberately slightly cloudier than the IPA and great mouthfeel.

Where do you brew your beer?

Quality and reliability were the most important things we wanted from E1 Brew Co beers and we decided the best way to achieve this was to work with people who really knew how to brew successfully. Our Pilsner and IPA are brewed at Shepherd Neame and our CBD Lager at West Berkshire Brewery.


Where are you based? 

E1 Brew Co HQ is on Rivington Street in the heart of Shoreditch, London.

Do you promote diversity? 

We see beyond gender and race in our hiring and our customer focus. E1 is brewed to be enjoyed by everyone.

Are you a large corporation? 

We’re independently owned and neither large, nor a corporation.

Where do you sell products?

We’ve got a list of places on our website here

How can I get involved with E1 Brew Co? 

We’ll advertise jobs on our LinkedIn page which can be found here

How can I get in touch with you? 

Send an email to our team at help@e1brew.co.uk

Why are you called E1 Brew Co?

The owner of E1 Brew Co has been operating bars in the Shoreditch area of London for many years. When he decided to create a brewery, it seemed natural to want it to represent his manor and the E1 Brewing Company was born. Everyone who works for E1 Brew Co has a passion for the area and we’re on a mission to get the rest of London, the UK and the World to love it as much as we do.

Will you do anything other than beer?

We’ve got plenty of plans to expand the E1 Brew Co range of products and our newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear so please sign up here to find out.