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E1BC. x OTZ x ttc 

E1 Brew Co. partied with Outside the zone 


The toy chronicle 

It was pure FIRE!!!

We celebrated the launch of one of East London's finest collaborations. 

The OTZ OUTLET at The Toy Chronicle.

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As part of their creative eco-system OTZ launched OTZ OUTLET, a unique shopping experience in partnership with The Toy chronicle.

Outside The Zone is committed to producing a vibrant and sustainable creative eco system, through a diverse curatorial programme.  

Their curatorial program includes public art, gallery exhibitions, collaborations, performances and digital works.

OTZ OUTLET will also act as a pop up store selling artworks from artists and collaborators.

Art / Toys / Gallery

Find them at
1 Ebor St. London. E1 6AW (shoreditch)

Open - Tue - Sun: 11-7

About OTZ

Outside the zone is committed to producing a vibrant and sustainable creative eco system through a diverse curatorial programme.

With the desire to exhibit new and emerging artists, OTZ looks to push the boundaries with their curatorial practise and realise ambitious projects that have a powerful social impact through, public art, gallery exhibitions, performances and digital works.

OTZ provides two project spaces and an active public art program situated over multiple sites in the heart of Shoreditch.

OTZ believe in championing artists through artistic interventions.

Our core belief is to push public engagement with artists work, whilst connecting artists to new audiences and bridging creative partnerships with curators, collectors & art lovers.


The public art platform acts as an informal artist residency operating across multiple sites in Shoreditch, London. These large scale site-specific artworks integrate and respond to the surroundings. Artists incorporate the original architecture of the project spaces to communicate ideas. Re-purposing public spaces whilst merging art forms through an artistic and curatorial exploration. 

The programme encourages curators, galleries and creatives to produce dynamic artworks that challenge and engage the audience. Creating an ideal place for experimentation and dialogue.

Located under the train tracks in the heart of Shoreditch, London. Open 24hrs.

The public art program includes site specific works and shorter commissions.

The sites include - walls, billboard and public spaces in the following locations:

Dereham Place Art Wall

Batemans Row

Dereham Place Feature Wall

347 Old Street

Drysdale Street, Vox Project Wall

Crooked Billet Yard

Collaboration Projects


Want to visit the sites? Use this handy map.

If you're interest in contacting Trix from OTZ then use the email below!



Definitely check out The Toy Chronicle! 

Please be aware that collecting TTC products is extremely addictive.

Please note, a lot of the content here was taken from the OTZ Website. Please see outsidethezonegallery.com for the original content.