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A collective of creative talent, embracing the community

We are proud to be supporting a number of such talent, reflecting on the voice of Shoreditch. Talent has been hand-picked by our creative team to showcase and support a versatile collection of prints from our community creatives.. 

Maria Arcea - @thamesplastic.

The artist uses installation, sculpture, photography and film, to explore close interactions between human manipulation of the natural world and nature’s response to these interferences.

Lucie Flynn - @lucie.flynn

Lucie dynamic style and the path in which she practices her form. Using combinations of spray paint, acrylic, inks and collage Flynn builds bright, clashing palettes with bold sweeps and splatters, layers of paint pulse and crackle.

Timiiie - @timiiie

Every time timiiie defines their self it seems to be out of date and has to start over. They like to keep it simple. Timiiie is Lebanese Animator/Illustrator based in London.

Shem - @shem_ahl

His work is intensely personal and reflective with his artistic journey focused on self-exploration, which questions our humanity and how it is reflective on our individual existence. Shem’s creative use of materials depicts friction on his canvases. But there is delight too, which Shem shares exuberantly with his viewer. 

Mervyn Penrose - @officeeart 

The artist is an art and fashion living legend. With the energy of someone twice as young as himself, Meryn body of work crosses from photography to painting. This body work is a close survey of the street and our environment and what is left behind in front and behind us.

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