Real Dreams x E1 Brew Co.

We had a party with RealDreams 

and it was emotional

Justin Hackney working his DALL-E Magic

There aren't many things that warrant the full and true meaning of the oft' too commonly used 'mind blown'.

This though, this gave us goosebumps. is a pop-up space at 72 Rivington Street created by Justin Hackney.  

A space to experience an intoxicating mix of awe and enamour combined with that unsettling uncanny valley feeling.

 Put this all together and - goosebumps.

Using only text prompts DALL-E produces other worldly images.

Art Work by Justin Hackney using DALL-E text prompt to image technology

Here in the E1 Brew Co office we often have, what we think are, podcast worthy chats about the future of humankind. They're actually probably just rambling streams of consciousness after too many bottles of our CBD lager.

Our conversations even wander into the realms of post and transhumanism and futurism. Will AI be an enlightening force to humankind and, of course, is all this tech going to make us humans totally obsolete?

The latter of these discussion topics is a threat that causes some to have a visceral response to the DALL-E tech.

However, we think that instead of stifling creativity 

DALL-E acts as a catalyst of your imagination.

The extent of possibilities of what could be created are effectively the extent of your own creative imagination. It’s a curious feeling. A challenge.


We began to imagine new possibilities. New vistas. New creatures within those new vistas. 

New vistas featuring new creatures within those new vistas, all drinking E1 Brew Co beers. 

Fantastical stuff!

We recommend you get down there before they leave the pop-up space and dissolve into the ether.

REalDreams launch party

Lovely folk enjoying E1 Brew Co Beers

Images by @wesviz 

A series of self-portraits created in @openaidalle DALL-E neural network, using only a text prompt. 


'girl in Art Deco room eating lobster'

'Oil painting of melting clocks with pigs riding over a mountain of marmalade'

'Oil painting of melting clocks with pigs riding over a mountain of marmalade'

'Oil painting of melting clocks with pigs riding over a mountain of marmalade'

'Aleister Crowley doing a tarot reading on Thoth Deck'

To find out more about the RealDreams project, head over to their website

Head down to 72 Rivington Street and let us know what you think via instagram!